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                                                         was founded in 1955 in Dallas, TX. by M. Milton Scobee as a Stewart Infrared franchise delivering fresh sandwiches to convenience stores, movie theaters and sporting events.

In 1964 Mr. Scobee sold the franchise back to its parent company and incorporated as Scobee Foods, Inc.
The company focus was supplying Ready-To-Eat sandwiches and plate lunches for the mobile catering industry.

In 1988, expansion into the Direct Store Delivery market for convenience stores allowed the company to greatly increase production volumes.

In 1994, the addition of the first Modified Atmosphere Packaging line allowed 30 day shelf-life on products which increased sales and reduced returns from the marketplace.

1997 Scobee Foods began shipping products at a national level to food service distributors and airlines.  A new high volume production facility was opened locally along with a satellite distribution center in Houston.

The company diversified into the retail grocery market in 2002 to continue to streamline operations and be able to offer  more cost effective solutioning to it's customers..

By 2004, the Direct Store Delivery division was sold and all operations were consolidated back into a single facility.

The company today is still family owned and operated and focuses on producing fresh, Ready-To-Eat sandwich products for the convenience store industry, vending and gourmet trucks, schools, correctional facilities, and Municipalities in the DFW area.
Scobee Foods, Inc.